Custom properties in uWebshop

Custom properties in your project will be handled by uWebshop and even added to the custom xml when the alias starts with “custom“.
In the XML (and therefore when you use them in your XSLT) the “custom” part will be removed. You can make your custom properties multi-language by adding _XX to the end of the alias (where XX is the country code for the shop country you want to make this property available for).


The property type with alias “customManufacturer_US” will be added to the XML as


It will also only show up in the US shop.

This way you can extend your uWebshop as much as you like, without having to create language specific code yourself!

Tip: When installing a new language uWebshop will automatically find all your custom properties that end with _XX and create them for the new language installed as well, so you don’t have to do that yourself!

2 thoughts on “Custom properties in uWebshop

    • It is the shopAlias, the same as for the properties automatically created during install.
      If you installed a Belgium shop without any custom shopalias it will be “BE” by default.



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