What is the uWebshop team working on?

With currently over 40 sites running uWebshop, we frequently get questions about our development progress and other things we are working on. What will be next? Do we  already work on uWebshop for Umbraco 5? Will you continue to build for Umbraco 4? Can you please build the shop for us?!?

uWebshop 5

As you could have noticed from the previous blogpost bij Sebastiaan we are indeed working on an uWebshop version for Umbraco 5: uWebshop 5.

While we can’t give you an exact date when this version will be finished, we can promise a working demo and in-depth tech session at the Dutch Umbraco Festival 2012. So be sure to be there!

uWebshop 1.7 for Umbraco 4.7

While a part of the team is working hard to develop uWebshop5, we also actively develop the uWebshop package for Umbraco 4.7. The new uWebshop 1.7 version, to be released soon, will contain quite some nice updates:

  • Ability to define a template per category or product node in the catalog.
  • Reworked URL functionality. Now without node Id’s.
  • Category and product url’s configurable in the web.config (sswsCategoryUrl & sswsProductUrl).
  • Razor extentions in own dll and returning objects instead of combined with xslt extentions.
  • Razor extentions return objects
  • Some new API functionality to use with the Razor scripts
  • Examples Razor scripts
  • Updated XSLT extentions to work with the new URL functionality
  • Accept Terms & Conditions checkbox on customerdatapage
  • Overrule shipping providers checkbox that will only show those shipping providers if they match with an order (they overrule weight)
  • Various code optimalisations & Bug fixes

This version is already being actively used in a few live shops and will be available soon in the Umbraco Deli.

New uWebshop website coming soon!

With uWebshop being a company on it’s own since this year, we also needed to update our website to reflect these changes. Our new website will contain more information about our product for both developers as end customers and there will be a WIKI to find all the information you need. We are also building integration with other services to centralize the customer support.

uWebshop training & certifications

While uWebshop is developed with both shop owners as shop developers in mind, we do regularly get requests from companies that want us to train their developers, or shop owners, how to work with uWebshop as good as possible.

For those who are interested we do offer training & certifications at your company or in the uWebshop office in Leiden. Get in touch for fees and possibilities.

Let us build your shop!

If you are developing a shop, but need some extra hands, some customizations, or a shop completely build from scratch in the highest quality, we are more then welcome to help you with that! We will also help shop-owners (to-be) with choosing the right uWebshop partner to get their shop developed.

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