Using CMSImport to import to your uWebshop catalog

If you are working with the Umbraco Content Management System there is a big chance you’ve heard of the CMSImport package by Richard Soeteman.

CMSImport PRO helps you import content or members from any datasource into Umbraco.

CMSImport PRO allows you to save wizard steps so you can run an import later or schedule it for a certain date and time. When you re-run an import existing records will be updated and the new records will be added. When media is imported references in content or member data will be updated automatically.

Best of all CMSImport Pro makes it possible to import structured data. This allows you to import a complete product catalog, blogposts including comments, or any structure with the same ease as normal data!

CMSimport is optimized to work with uWebshop.

uWebshop Excel catalog

We created an Excel sheet to help you with your importing needs:

The Excel file Data source requires you to install the Microsoft Data Connectivity Components before CMSimport can handle the importing.

Below you’ll find a explanation of the Sheets and cells of the file.
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