uWebshop September News Update

It has been some time since our last blogpost, but that does not mean we have been relaxing and doing nothing! We worked very hard to bring you a lot of new functionality, improvements in all area’s, an updated website and more more more documentation!

We continued to release according to our rapid release schedule since that worked out quite good for our customers, always having access to the latest features and fixes. Keep checking out the uWebshop.com website to make sure you have the latest and greatest uWebshop for Umbraco release!

Detailed Changelog

Our  changelog can be found at our website: http://uWebshop.com/changelog.
In this blogpost we would like to dive a bit more into the details and describe the changes to the uWebshop package in version 2.2 and 2.3 in detail.

[NEW] Umbraco 6.1+ support
In uWebshop 2.2 we introduced Umbraco 6.1 support, using the new Umbraco 6 API instead of the legacy 4.x API. This improved speed of installation and gave us easier access to a lot of API functionality; making sure your uWebshop installation uses the very latest and greatest of what Umbraco has to offer.

[NEW] MVC Baskethandler on Umbraco 6.1+
uWebshop 2.2 now features an out of the box MVC Baskethandler! Making it very easy to build webshop-solutions using the great MVC power of Umbraco.
We even made it possible to simply upgrade your current webforms baskethandler website to an MVC version by offering a global “handle” Action. Just replace your <form> tags in your razor with the MVC handle action and you are ready to go!

Read all about our MVC baskethandler in our MVC Baskethandler support document.

[NEW] Improved Installer on Umbraco 6+
If you are using Umbraco 6 (we all do now, right?) and preferably Umbraco 6.1+ and installing uWebshop you get a more complete installation then before. The installation is not only faster, but also installs multi-node-tree-pickers by default. Also the layout of the document types and properties is changed on new Umbraco 6+ installations, after feedback sessions with our customers!

[NEW] Multiple coupon codes on 1 discount, including count per code!
We build a new coupon codes datatypes which can be used to connect ‘unlimited’ coupon codes to one order discount. Each coupon code has it’s own counter to limit usage.

[NEW] Set payment method price as percentage of order total instead of fixed amount
You can now set the price of a payment provider to be a percentage of the order total.

[NEW] Use alttemplates for categories and products
Use altTemplates on any category and product, just like you are used to on other Umbraco  pages.

[NEW] Possibility to use different validation of properties per orderline
First we introduces order-line validation, now you can create different validation per orderline. Use a different product document type for the product (suffix the doc type), and create an ordered product document type suffixed with the same value to match them when order validation hits. Making different kind of products be able to have different kinds of validation on mandatory and regex fields!

[NEW] Razor version of the Order Overviews instead of usercontrol so now completely customizable!
Before there was XSLT.. now there is Razor for everything!

[NEW] Razor version of the Order Details
Yep, also the order details in the backend are now razor!

[NEW] Razor versions of the Emails
And while we were busy with the move to Razor, of course we didn’t forget about the emails. XSLT emails also still work of course!

[NEW] New Razor helpers including ones for in Umbraco backend!
We even added some Umbraco Backend razor helpers in the mix to open nodes, open orders and even edit properties and stock using normal html forms!

[NEW] Orders are marked as ‘CreatedInTestMode’ when test-mode is set on the store
On each store node you can now mark the store as ‘in test-mode’. This will enable test-mode for all payment/shipping providers (unless overruled) and mark orders as “CreatedInTestMode’, making them easily identifiable.

[NEW] Urlname validation in the catalog per store, global and in combination with normal umbraco content nodes. Adds (1) to Urlname if there would be a conflict.
A default Umbraco feature, now added to uWebshop on multi-store level to prevent duplicate nodes from happening in the catalog vs the store.

[NEW] Compatiblity tested with Umbraco 4.8 – 6.1.5

[NEW] If ProductVariant.Stock is less then ordered stock, ordercount will be set to available stock
When adding to basket with a given quantity, but the quantity is more then the stock, the order-count in the basket will be updated to the max stock value, also taking into account the stock of product variants.

[NEW] Editting order in backend does not show cancel balloon anymore
Umbraco v6 only, if you edit orders in the backend and publish the order, you will not get the ‘cancelled event’ balloon anymore.

[NEW] Enable/Disable datatype now also has “StoreDefault” value
This 3rd option on the enable/disable datatype makes it easier to identify which values are taken from the Store node, or which are defined on the node itself.

[NEW] Testmode on store also sets testmode for shipping & payment providers
When setting the test-mode on the store, all payment and shipping providers for that store are set as test-mode as well. Unless defined otherwise on the payment/shipping provider node itself.

[NEW] New Event: EmailHelper.BeforeSendEmail
This new event makes it possible to add a file to the email before it gets send.
Great way to attach a PDF invoice!

[NEW] OrderLoaded event to add custom validation
uWebshop already was loaded with events, but we added a new one; the “order loaded” event. This event is fired as soon as an order is accessed and a good purpose for this feature is to add custom validation to an order. Read on how to implement this feature in our documentation about this event.

[NEW] All uWebshop document types can be extended using child document types starting with the same alias
One of the great features of uWebshop, which is not that commonly known, is that you could easily extend our default catalog document types with your own versions. Making it possible to add extra fields, different icons or with variants create ‘preset’ variant groups in combination with standard values package.

Since uWebshop 2.2 it is now possible to extend any document type and have it handled by our API. Making it possible to limit the fields on a discount document type, add extra fields on certain shipping provider type, etc.

Extending all other uWebshop document types work in the same way.

[NEW] Confirm = confirm
While this item maybe sounds a bit strange, it’s a change in behaviour of how uWebshop handles confirmation of orders.

Once a customers confirms the order and is send to a payment provider and clicks back to return to the store instead of paying for the order, a 1:1 copy of the order is generated (with a new unique id) for that customer. Before when a customer clicked back to return to the store the same order was loaded, but the status was changed to prevent payment if changed would be made. The new 1:1 copy to a new order function is much more customer friendly.

[FIX] API Consistency Webforms Baskethandler, /BASE baskethandler and MVC Baskethandler have the same functions
We noticed there were some inconsistencies in our baskethandlers and now made sure they are 1:1 equal gain in features.

[FIX] Coupon discount bug with 100% discount
When adding a 100% coupon discount all was fine during checkout, but when reading the order back in the Umbraco backend the discount wasn’t applied anymore.

Read all about creating complex discounts in this order discount support document.

[FIX] UseStoreStock proper fallback when no store specific stock fields are found
If you work with multiple stores in uWebshop each store can have it’s own stock, a setting on the store document. When enabled this store looks for it’s own stock field on the product/variant document and uses this instead of the global stock. We added an extra check that when this feature is enabled, but no store specific stock field is found, the global stock field is used.

[FIX] Multi-Hostname will give relative url’s now
When having multiple hostnames on you website node, and a multi-store setup, uWebshop will now use relative urls instead of only using the first set hostname

[FIX] VAT Checker fixes for Greece and trimming white space
When using our VAT checker, we did not change “GR” into “EL”, making VAT impossible to validate for Greek customers. Also we did not trim whitespace, which we do now. Read about how to work with the cross border VAT service in uWebshop.

[FIX] Product Discounts now check current logged in user again
When you set a membergroup on the product discount it now will honour this setting and render prices on the website using this discount again.

[FIX] Is product variant has no stock don’t add to basket
A product without stock could not be added to the basket, now it’s also checked if the added product variants are in stock, otherwise nothing is added to the basket.

[FIX] NiceUrl(string StoreAlias) gave back urlname from currenstore instead of given storealias
Using the Category/Product .NiceUrl(string StoreAlias) function to get the Url from a product from another store was not getting localised urlName values from the store reffered to. Fixed now!

[NEW] Removed JSON.net DLL from project
No more conflicts with the JSON.net version you prefer to use!

[NEW] Refactoring codebase & created even more unit-tests

[FIX] Various other issues fixed and code improvements
As usual, all the bugs or strange issues we found or you send in are fixed.
This includes an issue with 100% coupon discounts, an issue with discount ranges, a return stock issue and a few more.

German Language!

Last week we did a presentation at umbOktoberfest 2013 in Frankfurt, Germany.
Of course we could not attend this Umbraco event without having a German language available for the uWebshop backend!

You can download the German language pack on our website.

Updated Documentation

We are constantly improving our documentation and adding new documentation for new features. Let us know if you want us to write specific documentation about specific features and we’ll try to create it. We love to hear from you!

Read the uWebshop documentation

Updated uWebshop.com site

We also made a huge update to the uWebshop website making better distinction in information for developers, project managers and shop owners. And included a new feature list and a complete change log. And overall giving much better information about what uWebshop is and what it can do for you.

uWebshop April News Update

April started as quite a busy month for the uWebshop team. We released the 2.1.1 version of uWebshop with a lot of improvements in features and overall quality. Next to this release we also launched our new website.

There has been an amazing response to this latest 2.1.1 release. We got so much feedback and ideas that we decided to try something we normally only available to our partners and support-contract customers: a rapid release schedule. We released stable, but smaller updates 2 to 3 times a week to our website, instead of letting you wait for a ‘bigger’ release for a few weeks. All updates are non-breaking and stable, most of them only require the replacement of DLL files, unless noted otherwise.

While writing this blogpost we pushed version of uWebshop to our website.

So what has happened since the 8th of April?

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uWebshop 2.1.1 released

Our team is proud to announce the release of uWebshop 2.1.1, another improvement of the uWebshop package for Umbraco!
As usual this release is filled with optimisations, improvements, new features and some bug fixes.

Alongside this release we updated all our Payment Provider packages, the sandbox starterkit and the dictionaries.

On top of that we launched our brand new website! You can now order licenses directly from our website and there is more information available about our support contract option, uWebshop partnerships and training!

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The launch of a successor: uWebshop2 for Umbraco!

Today, the 1st of November, marks the public launch of uWebshop2; the successor of the original top 3 selling Umbraco Deli package; uWebshop. uWebshop2 is developed in collaboration with Mindbus, the first Umbraco Gold Partner in the Netherlands (http://www.mindbus.nl)!

TLDR: You can download uWebshop2 from our project page on our.umbraco right now!

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What is the uWebshop team working on?

With currently over 40 sites running uWebshop, we frequently get questions about our development progress and other things we are working on. What will be next? Do we  already work on uWebshop for Umbraco 5? Will you continue to build for Umbraco 4? Can you please build the shop for us?!?

uWebshop 5

As you could have noticed from the previous blogpost bij Sebastiaan we are indeed working on an uWebshop version for Umbraco 5: uWebshop 5.

While we can’t give you an exact date when this version will be finished, we can promise a working demo and in-depth tech session at the Dutch Umbraco Festival 2012. So be sure to be there!

uWebshop 1.7 for Umbraco 4.7

While a part of the team is working hard to develop uWebshop5, we also actively develop the uWebshop package for Umbraco 4.7. The new uWebshop 1.7 version, to be released soon, will contain quite some nice updates:

  • Ability to define a template per category or product node in the catalog.
  • Reworked URL functionality. Now without node Id’s.
  • Category and product url’s configurable in the web.config (sswsCategoryUrl & sswsProductUrl).
  • Razor extentions in own dll and returning objects instead of combined with xslt extentions.
  • Razor extentions return objects
  • Some new API functionality to use with the Razor scripts
  • Examples Razor scripts
  • Updated XSLT extentions to work with the new URL functionality
  • Accept Terms & Conditions checkbox on customerdatapage
  • Overrule shipping providers checkbox that will only show those shipping providers if they match with an order (they overrule weight)
  • Various code optimalisations & Bug fixes

This version is already being actively used in a few live shops and will be available soon in the Umbraco Deli.

New uWebshop website coming soon!

With uWebshop being a company on it’s own since this year, we also needed to update our website to reflect these changes. Our new website will contain more information about our product for both developers as end customers and there will be a WIKI to find all the information you need. We are also building integration with other services to centralize the customer support.

uWebshop training & certifications

While uWebshop is developed with both shop owners as shop developers in mind, we do regularly get requests from companies that want us to train their developers, or shop owners, how to work with uWebshop as good as possible.

For those who are interested we do offer training & certifications at your company or in the uWebshop office in Leiden. Get in touch for fees and possibilities.

Let us build your shop!

If you are developing a shop, but need some extra hands, some customizations, or a shop completely build from scratch in the highest quality, we are more then welcome to help you with that! We will also help shop-owners (to-be) with choosing the right uWebshop partner to get their shop developed.

Using CMSImport to import to your uWebshop catalog

If you are working with the Umbraco Content Management System there is a big chance you’ve heard of the CMSImport package by Richard Soeteman.

CMSImport PRO helps you import content or members from any datasource into Umbraco.

CMSImport PRO allows you to save wizard steps so you can run an import later or schedule it for a certain date and time. When you re-run an import existing records will be updated and the new records will be added. When media is imported references in content or member data will be updated automatically.

Best of all CMSImport Pro makes it possible to import structured data. This allows you to import a complete product catalog, blogposts including comments, or any structure with the same ease as normal data!

CMSimport is optimized to work with uWebshop.

uWebshop Excel catalog

We created an Excel sheet to help you with your importing needs:

The Excel file Data source requires you to install the Microsoft Data Connectivity Components before CMSimport can handle the importing.

Below you’ll find a explanation of the Sheets and cells of the file.
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uWebshop launch vendor in the Umbraco Deli!

The uWebshop team is proud to be one of the Umbraco Deli marketplace launch vendors. The Umbraco Deli was launched at the Codegarden 11 conference in Copenhagen.

The Umbraco Deli is the repository and marketplace for Umbraco packages, utilities, add-ons, starter kits, and skins. The projects in the Deli are independent, Umbraco related software projects and packages, created and maintained by community members. The Deli is not only for commercial packages as free packages are allowed, even encouraged. The Umbraco community enthusiastically supports new, useful, high-quality Deli projects with downloads, feedback, karma points, and purchases. If you have a great project, whether it’s a simple skin or a massive CRM extension for Umbraco, we encourage you to create a listing in the Umbraco Deli.

More information about the deli can be found on the our.umbraco wiki

uWebshop licenses can now be bought directly from the Umbraco Deli store in a unified way that is used

Because of this new way of purchase and licensing we had to change the uWebshop license model a bit. You now have to connect your license to a domain instead of a ‘per installation’ license we had up til now. The license is valid for 1 development, 1 staging and 1 production domain which you can enter when ordering a license. The price stays € 99,-

We also offer extended support licenses (€ 499,-/year), complete implementations and/or create modules on request, if you want more information about one of these options you can contact us for details and price information

Introducing uWebshop 1.3.0

We are proud to announce a new major release of uWebshop for Umbraco: 1.3.0

This release took a bit more time than our usual release schedule, but we think it is more than worth it. uWebshop is now even more ‘bang for the buck‘!

Read more to learn about the new features and availability of this release

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uWebshop Installation Guide

Package Installation

The uWebshop installation is made with simplicity in mind. There is a minimum amount of steps during installation to make sure you have your shop up and running within a few minutes.

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